Joanne’s warmth, infectious humor, and ability to touch the hearts and souls of educators invariably bring audiences to their feet. Teachers who have heard Joanne speak agree that they come away with user-friendly information, heartfelt inspiration, and a much-needed reminder that they have chosen the most noble of all professions—teaching.

Relationships Matter: “When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you”. Did you know that emotions are contagious? That a smile can spread like a virus! This keynote utilizes inspirational stories to deliver valuable strategies on how we can better connect with students. Discover how empathy and concern can enrich relationships. Increase the social intelligence of your staff.  The message, “the more connections you make, the more pathways to success you create”.

The Real Reason We Teach: And I thought it was all about the summer vacations! This keynote will have your staff, rolling on the floor with laughter, blotting away tears with a tissue and reflecting on the real reasons they teach. This uplifting message leaves teachers focused on the “big picture” and less frustrated with the “little things”. You might call it “Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul”.

New Teacher on the Block: “My first year in the classroom was filled with challenges. But I kept replaying Joanne’s message in my head and I swear that is what got me through the year.  Now in my third year of teaching, I am sharing her advice with new young colleagues. She provided me with a tool kit to survive and the inspiration to return!”

Do see a keynote you are interested in but would like to tweak it to meet the specific needs of your district/campus? Not a problem. My pledge, is to work with you to provide the best professional development for your educators. Contact me ( about designing a keynote presentation that will specifically meet the needs of your campus.